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As a designer, I am a visual translator, more specifically, I clarify and visually express content, ideas, places or things. I am a creative that captures the essence of an object or an idea in particular and communicates this essence visually while keeping its identity and cultural value. I design for people and always try my best to express and reflect their concepts and ideas. I strongly feel that design is a powerful tool to express identity in a visual way, whether it is for the branding of a company representing its values, a packaging design reflecting a product’s qualities, or a book design mirroring its author’s writing. I believe that each project I work on is unique and that design is needed to express that uniqueness.

Special skills

  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Layout



Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe AfterEffects



Projects completed

Years of education

Years of design experience


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