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‘down the pipes’, 2016

awareness campaign
screen print on toilet paper, vectorial illustrations and poster mock-ups
university project
in collaboration with joey c. gravel, marie-élaine grant, murielle dufort and laurie goudreau

Down The Pipes

For this project, the main goal was to raise awareness in Quebec concerning waste flushed down the toilet. The sewage system of the city of Montreal is due for a change and is in need of expensive repairs. The perfect solution? Replace the entire sewage network, costing billions of dollars. Plan B? Raise awareness across the population about their actions and habits to prevent breakage and maintain our sewage system. Presented on printed toilet paper, which is notably the only waste allowed in the toilet other than human waste, messages and illustrations regarding the problem can be seen by the consumer, thus making him rethink his actions, and assist directly to the source of the problem. The campaign has several forms of display, as much traditional as a wilder type of advertising. Our goal? Spread the word and possibly solve a persistent problem. Down the Pipes is not only an advertising campaign it is an awareness campaign, a social issue, an environmental impact, and is all about change of habits.