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Varmo logotype and packaging

As a part of the team, I was in charge with the production of the product itself, but also the logo and packaging. The logo was hand-drawn and then vectorised, in order to represent the handmade quality of the product and a personal touch. The tags had a hand written description on the back and were personalized with the name of each purchaser, ensuring that the latter understands the importance of his purchase and the good it brings to the homeless community of Montreal. The packaging was made using sustainable materials, like re-purposed gift wrapping soft tissue paper and organic hemp cord.

varmo (packaging), 2014

visual identity and packaging
recycled tissue paper, hemp cord and
laser printed tags on vellum,
card stock or sticker paper
4 in x 8 in (final packaging)
university project

'varmo', 2014

hooded scarf
organic wool and cotton
13 in x 35 in (approximate)
in collaboration with maria mahdessian,
mariana leyton and cory lambert


Varmo was a project created in collaboration with ‘5 days for the homeless’. It is a hand-made hooded-scarf made of organic fabrics that was crafted to raise awareness of the host of issues surrounding homelessness in Montreal. All proceeds raised were donated to ‘Chez Doris’ a charity and safe house benefitting the homeless women in Montreal.